UCP.ONE publishes the songs of the Argentine band “Moon Pollen” by Hernán Borelli

Hernán Borelli is lyricist, composer and also the head of the Argentinean band Moon Pollen, which was founded in 2010 in Mar del Plata. The band’s sound integrates electronics, indie rock, soul and ambient. The band consists of Hernán Borelli (vocals, guitar, Citara Bahiana, keyboards), Milton Santos Mannarino (keyboards, visual arts), Martin Castelletta (drums, percussion),…


Current album of the band Meute with new interpretation of the title “Purple Noise” by Boris Brejcha

Shortly before the tour starts, the Hamburg “Techno Marching Band” Meute release their second studio album entitled “Puls”. In addition to reworks by DJs such as Deadmau5, Rival Consoles and Kölsch as well as their own compositions, it also includes a new interpretation of the title “Purple Noise” by Boris Brejcha, which is published by…


Current videos

Dawn Of Solace - Lead Wings
written and composed by Tuomas Saukkonen, published by UCP.ONE

Everything Always All The Time (by Philipp Eichholtz)
Music in the trailer by Peter Ries and Roland Bone, licensed from UCP.ONE

UCP.ONE – Publishing house for music and books based in Berlin

UCP.ONE (United Content Publishing.ONE) is characterised by short distances, competent dialogue partners and fast decision-making processes. In addition, the company is now based in the German capital, where more and more of the “interesting” agreements for authors, composers and lyricists can be arranged. In addition, the business model is being expanded towards of book publishing. Berlin is the ideal place to find new young,  interesting and soon-to-be successful authors.

Another objective for the in the next few years is the further interlocking (“intermedia marketing”) with the companies UCM.ONE (marketing of music and film distribution) and UCMP (film production and music consulting for filmmakers). Because every film needs suitable music and above all good stories …