Tony Match publishes the new works of his album “Fly with me” worldwide on UCP.ONE

Tony Match is a French drummer, composer & music producer. For fifteen years he has also worked as a music producer, musician and music director with first-class jazz musicians. From Fred Wesley, Pee Wee Ellis, Paul Jackson, The Headhunters, Richard Galliano to Rick Margitza, Tony is involved in many projects that include jazz icons such…


Peter Ries writes and composes the film music for the film “Monolith” (AT)

Currently Peter Ries is writing and composing the soundtrack for the new film “Monolith (AT)” by director Julius Schultheiß. The resulting works will be co-published by Sony/ATV and UCP.ONE. The film is about Samir, who, marked by tiredness, moves through Berlin at night. 24 hours we will follow him. To avert an impending danger, Samir has…


Hannes Bieger continues to publish his works exclusively at UCP.ONE

We are pleased that Hannes Bieger continues to publish his works exclusively at UCP.ONE. All works in which Hannes Bieger is involved as author and lyricist since 2005 are in our publisher’s catalog (partly co-published with EMI Publishing), including albums from projects such as LLAVA, Airmate on Mole Listening Pearls and current releases on labels…


Thore Warland and Kristoffer Riis of Golden Oriole compose and write the film music for “Konnie und Rudi”

Golden Oriole is a group from Stavanger, Norway, consisting of Thore Warland and Kristoffer Riis. They were both members of the now disbanded band Staer and currently play in Tralten Eller Utplut alongside John Hegre. Together, Thore Warland and Kristoffer Riis have released four albums, three EPs and a single, and have collaborated on several…


Current videos

Dawn Of Solace - Lead Wings
written and composed by Tuomas Saukkonen, published by UCP.ONE

Everything Always All The Time (by Philipp Eichholtz)
Music in the trailer by Peter Ries, licensed from UCP.ONE

UCP.ONE – Publishing house for music and books based in Berlin

UCP.ONE (United Content Publishing.ONE) is characterised by short distances, competent dialogue partners and fast decision-making processes. In addition, the company is now based in the German capital, where more and more of the “interesting” agreements for authors, composers and lyricists can be arranged. In addition, the business model is being expanded towards of book publishing. Berlin is the ideal place to find new young,  interesting and soon-to-be successful authors.

Another objective for the in the next few years is the further interlocking (“intermedia marketing”) with the companies UCM.ONE (marketing of music and film distribution) and UCMP (film production and music consulting for filmmakers). Because every film needs suitable music and above all good stories …