Synch Rights

Synch rights (or synchronization rights) refer to the right to permanently associate a musical work as film music with a film work – regardless of whether it is part of a film, a television programme, a music video or a television advertisement. The term is derived from the word “synchronous” [Greek: sýn = together, at the same time and chrónos = time], i.e. a use of music adapted to images.

UCP.ONE offers the following services:

  • Active consulting in the search for the suitable musical works
  • Simple, uncomplicated and fast rights clearance and contract processing
  • Music supervising for feature film, games and TV projects from script to marketing
  • Search for suitable composers and authors for commissioned works
  • Help with the clearing of the master rights
Some releases with works published by UCP.ONE:

A close partner of UCP.ONE is the film and music production company UCMP, which can produce suitable music especially for films, series, games or commercials in close coordination with the respective client. The music is previously composed and written by UCP.ONE composers and authors based on the desired moods and specifications.


Peter Ries and Roland Bone write and compose the music for the film “Monolith” (AT)

Currently Peter Ries and Roland Bone are writing and composing the soundtrack for the new film “Monolith (AT)” by director Julius Schultheiß. The resulting works will be co-published by Sony/ATV and UCP.ONE. The film is about Samir, who, marked by tiredness, moves through Berlin at night. 24 hours we will follow him. To avert an impending…

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Thore Warland and Kristoffer Riis of Golden Oriole compose and write the film music for “Konnie und Rudi”

Golden Oriole is a group from Stavanger, Norway, consisting of Thore Warland and Kristoffer Riis. They were both members of the now disbanded band Staer and currently play in Tralten Eller Utplut alongside John Hegre. Together, Thore Warland and Kristoffer Riis have released four albums, three EPs and a single, and have collaborated on several…

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Peter Ries and Roland Bone compose the music for the trailer of the new film by Philipp Eichholtz

Peter Ries and Roland Bone write the music (first title of the trailer) for the trailer of the film “Everything Always All The Time” (German: “Kim hat einen Penis”) by Philipp Eichholtz, which is published by Sony/ATV and UCP.ONE. Synopsis: How goes relationship? What happens when your girlfriend suddenly has a penis? And in the…

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UCP.ONE is co-publisher of the film music for the film “Swimming” by Luzie Loose

Together with Beat Power Music and BMG Rights Management, UCP.ONE is co-publisher of the title “666” by 2Easy, which was specially written for the film “Swimming” by Luzie Loose. The film will be released in cinemas via the film label Darling Berlin and will later be available on DVD and on all VoD portals. Synopsis:…

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