Music Publishing

While anyone interested in music knows roughly what music labels are and what they mainly do, the tasks of music publishers are sometimes not even known in detail to all creative people in the music industry, as they are more likely to operate in the B2B sector. Basically, it is the task of a music publisher like UCP.ONE to exploit the work created by authors (i.e. the authors, composers and lyricists) and to license it to third parties. Consequently, the music publisher UCP.ONE does not usually distribute and exploit the respective recordings of performers such as singers, bands, music projects or orchestras, but takes care of the worldwide registration, administration and marketing of the created works (f.e. authorships). UCP.ONE also promotes and supports authors and enables them to concentrate on the creative process by taking care of the extensive administrative work associated with the exploitation and licensing of their works and ultimately ensuring that they receive the resulting royalties.

UCP.ONE offers the following services:

  • Worldwide registration and data maintenance of works according to international standards
  • Placement of works in films, advertisements, TV programmes and games
  • Monitoring and income tracking in relation to the use of the published works
  • Worldwide presence through an active partner network (sub-publishers)
  • Support in the search for suitable labels, booking agencies
  • Advice on marketing strategies and content decisions
  • Search for suitable co-authors and bringing together composers and lyricists
  • Printing of sheet music and distribution of musical works (physical and digital)

As a rule, UCP.ONE does not grant mechanical rights (reproduction rights). This is done through mechanical societies such as GEMA (Germany). Synch rights, on the other hand, are granted exclusively via UCP.ONE. The difference between synch rights and mechanical rights is that synch rights are granted for music that is to be heard in a visual medium (film, TV programme, computer game or TV advertising) and is thus permanently connected with this medium, whereas mechanical rights are purely licensing rights with regard to the reproduction of audio recordings (CD, download, streaming).

Some authors and composers of works published by UCP.ONE

In this context, UCP.ONE also works closely with UCM.ONE, which works with many music producers worldwide and itself runs various music labels such as Harthouse, Plastic City, Mole Listening Pearls or Noble Demon. Another close partner is the film and music production company UCMP, which can produce the suitable music and sound effects especially for films and series in close cooperation with the film producers and the director.


Peter Ries and Roland Bone write and compose the music for the film “Monolith” (AT)

Currently Peter Ries and Roland Bone are writing and composing the soundtrack for the new film “Monolith (AT)” by director Julius Schultheiß. The resulting works will be co-published by Sony/ATV and UCP.ONE. The film is about Samir, who, marked by tiredness, moves through Berlin at night. 24 hours we will follow him. To avert an impending…

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Hannes Bieger continues to publish his works exclusively at UCP.ONE

We are pleased that Hannes Bieger continues to publish his works exclusively at UCP.ONE. All works in which Hannes Bieger is involved as author and lyricist since 2005 are in our publisher’s catalog (partly co-published with EMI Publishing), including albums from projects such as LLAVA, Airmate on Mole Listening Pearls and current releases on labels…

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Thore Warland and Kristoffer Riis of Golden Oriole compose and write the film music for “Konnie und Rudi”

Golden Oriole is a group from Stavanger, Norway, consisting of Thore Warland and Kristoffer Riis. They were both members of the now disbanded band Staer and currently play in Tralten Eller Utplut alongside John Hegre. Together, Thore Warland and Kristoffer Riis have released four albums, three EPs and a single, and have collaborated on several…

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New works by Sebastián Pastor are published worldwide by UCP.ONE

Melodic Death Metal author and composer Sebastián Pastor, who hails from Bahía Blanca, Argentina, has signed a worldwide publishing contract with UCP.ONE for the titles of his current album. Sebastián Pastor’s writing produces stirring melodies, heavy, dark and melancholic arrangements that mix the old and new Scandinavian sound of death metal as if it were…

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