Book Publishing

In 2020, UCP.ONE expands its activities and launches an independent book publishing company in addition to the music publishing company, which has been operating since 1995. The first publication will be the book “Berlinized – The story walked through our paradise” by Lucian Busse and Sofie Hein in cooperation with the film label Darling Berlin. On Darling Berlin (Distribution: UCM.ONE) the documentary “Berlinized” by Lucian Busse was already released in 2015.

The book talks about the time when Berlinized director Lucian Busse and Sofie Hein (Lucyhoneychurch, Soundtrack Berlinized) toured Berlin clubs in the 90s with their live cinema concert show Alien TV. For the shows, they processed documentary material from their lives into artistically experimental video mixes – at a time when recording and sharing moving images required considerable effort.

At the same time, we are actively looking for other exciting topics, novels and stories, currently focusing primarily on plots and topics that are connected to Berlin.


In addition to books, UCP.ONE will also publish audio books on a regular basis from 2020. Audiobooks are sound recordings of readings. The text versions that are read are often shortened compared to the book version or rewritten especially for this format. Audiobooks differ significantly from audio drama, which are an acoustically dramatized staging of stories with different speakers roles, sounds and music. A audio drama is by its very nature different from a film because it has no visual elements of its own.

Examples of audio books which can be found in the UCP.ONE catalogue

We are also looking for exciting new projects and stories in the area of audio books. We are also happy to organise the recordings, including the studios, the appropriate music and the speakers.