UCP.ONE – Publishing house for music and books based in Berlin

The foundation stone of today’s publishing house UCP.ONE was laid near Heidelberg in 1995. The then music publishing house was initially called UCM Music Publishing with headquarters in Neckargemünd and was administered worldwide at the time by EMI Music Publishing (Hamburg). In 2004 the Mannheim-based company daredo publishing bought the complete catalogue, with EMI Music Publishing continuing to be the international partner. In the course of major changes at EMI Music Publishing, which later led to the takeover by Sony/ATV, BMG Rights Management (Berlin) took over the worldwide administration from January 2011. In addition, a cooperation was also initiated with Kiel Publishing (Hamburg), the company of the former Executive Vice President and Managing Director of EMI Music Publishing Germany, Andreas Kiel. In January 2018, the company’s name was changed to UCP.ONE, the company headquarters were moved from Mannheim to Berlin and the worldwide administration was entrusted to Schubert Music Publishing (Hamburg) from mid-2019 till autumn 2022. The abbreviation UCP.ONE stands for “United Content Publishing.One” and is also the web address of the company.

This also prepared the next chapter in the history of the publishing house. By solving major structures while continuing to operate worldwide, the work can now be adapted to the needs of the times much more quickly and in a contemporary manner. Laborious and lengthy contract negotiations for synch rights –  because of the many parties involved –  these are now a thing of the past. UCP.ONE is characterised by short distances, competent dialogue partners and fast decision-making processes. In addition, the company is now based in the capital city of Germany, where more and more of the “interesting” agreements for authors, composers and lyricists can be arranged. In addition, in the 25th year of its existence, the business model is being expanded in the direction of book publishing. Berlin is the ideal place to find new young, interesting and soon-to-be successful authors.

Our business areas: 

Music Publishing

Production Music

Synch Rights

Book Publishing

Today, UCP.ONE represents an international repertoire with more than 6,000 titles by authors, singers and songwriters. The services provided by UCP.ONE and its partners for composers, lyricists and writers are diverse and include

  • Creative Marketing / A&R (placement of songs in film, television, advertising, video games, digital distribution, marketing for lyricists, writers and composers)
  • Songwriter development (talent development; placement of co-writers and other promotional activities)
  • Copyright Administration (worldwide registration of songs and lyrics, tracking and collection of royalties, payments from songwriters and auditing of licensees)
  • Consulting regarding possible distribution channels and active search for suitable marketing partners
  • Licensing (negotiating royalties and terms of licenses, executing paperwork and assisting in obtaining other necessary clearances)
  • Advances / acquisition (provision of advances for songwriters, signing songwriters to exclusive agreements and acquisition of songwriter back catalogues for future marketing)
  • Digital and physical distribution of music, books, audio books and radio plays

An objective in the next few years is also the further interlocking (“intermedia marketing”) with the companies UCM.ONE (music marketing and film distribution) and UCMP (film production and music consulting for filmmakers). Because every film needs suitable music and above all good stories …