The second album by Death and Gothic Doom Metal icon Tuomas Saukkonen is released today on Noble Demon, a label newly founded by Nuclear Blast veteran Patrick Walch. The album “Waves” takes us into soundscapes of melodic metal, takes us into a world of deepest melancholy, and dresses us in the finest death and heaviest doom anthems. All tracks of the album are published by UCP.ONE.

With singer Mikko Heikkilä (Kauni’s Kuolematon) a captivating and majestic prog- and melodic doom affair was created that will make glorious waves! Already after one week the YouTube video for the track “Lead Wings” had over 100.000 viewers!

The debut album “The Darkness” was released in May 2006 with BTD singer Lars Eikind and Jukka Salovaara (guest vocals and solo guitar).

Just in time for the start of the album “Waves” by “Dawn of Solace” the new music video for the album title “Hiding” can be seen on the YouTube channel of Noble Demon.

Hiding (Official Music Video)

Lead Wings (Official Music Video)

Ashes (Official Lyric Video)

Press & comments

“There is not a single dull moment on this album. …The magnitude throughout the whole record hosts a genuine uniqueness and succulent sadness.” (Ghost Cult Magazine)

“It’s the ideal album for a grey mid-winter day.“ (Angry Metal Guy)

“Waves” is a reality almost 15 years later and it will appeal to the followers of a cherished musician as Tuomas.“ (Metal Hammer Portugal)

Dawn of Solace has already delivered the first highlight in terms of Doom 2020 with “Waves”. (Metalfactory)

“…Waves is the culmination of the past 13 years of all the projects that Tuomas has been a part of and is, quite simply, breathtaking.“ (Moshville Times)

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