As of today, the album by No Raza, called “Transcending Material Sins“, is available on CD and digitally through the label Noble Demon. The songs present in an impressive way how classical Death Metal can merge with the extreme sound of No Raza to a multi-faceted affair and how this band can no longer be considered as an underground insider tip.

The titles are all written by Colombian author, composer, musician and bandleader Juan Guillermo Canon and published worldwide by UCP.ONE. His band No Raza is a death metal band that was founded in Colombia, South America in 1997 and is now based in Florida, USA. Their amazing productions recreate the devastation of a world at war and the willingness of those who guard the truth to defend our ancestral cultures and the remains of a sick dying earth.

To coincide with the launch day of the new album “Transcending Material Sins” by No Raza, the video “Ancient Wars” has also been released. “Ancient Wars” is a title that tells the story of an indigenous tribe that resisted foreign invaders who came to South America to impose their religions, beliefs and culture, unfortunately they managed to contaminate the roots of the natives and defile an ancient heritage of ancestors that the natives actually protected and defended until their death.

No Raza - Ancient Wars

No Raza - Sail in Rot

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